Web Managment Services

We can gather and measure information on your request. Some examples of data collecting: collecting company details like telephone numbers, addresses, emails, collecting prices of some specific products, collecting links, and anything else you require.

We can do any type of researching for you. We can research details about your competition, research seo keywords related to your site….

PDF Documents
We can type/retype/design pdf files for your company. We also provide creating product manual in the pdf files, convert word into pdf, convert excel to pdf etc.

Excel Documents
We can type/retype/design Excel files for your company. We do data input, company reports etc. in Excel files.

Word Documents
We can type/retype/design Word files for your company. We can also convert your Word documents into PDF and other types of documents.

PowerPoint Presentations
If you want to promote your business online and offline, the best way to present your company is to use PowerPoint presentation. Email us with your content and ideas and we will present your company in the best way.

Email Support
We know how much time answering on emails takes you in your working day. We are sure that you are answering your clients after the working time, so we need to help you with it. We can manage your emails.

Copy /Paste Tasks
Copy/Paste jobs…so simple, but so boring and takes you a lot of time!? If you need to copy/paste content from one site to other, or from some website into one document, just email us with the details and we will be glad to take this job from you.

Creating Reports
If you need help with creating and designing reports (SEO Reports, Product sales etc.) just email us with your requests.

Competition Analyzing
Want to know more about your competition? Want to know how much traffic did they get every day or how much they charge for their products/services? We will explore it for you.

Blog Post Managing
We can manage your Blogs on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Social Media
We will post your stories on your social media accounts. If you still don’t have social media accounts, we can create and design them for you.

And Much More…
Spreadsheet creation/management, Adding products to your webshop, Directory listings, Re-type Scanned Documents, Leave reviews…

Web Design Services

Creating Website From Scratch
We can design a custom look website or custom look websites related to your needs and your expectations. For building modern website we use only the latest tested solutions which guarantee the end user will find easy to use and easily navigate in every aspect of the website environment. We build dynamic responsive website mostly on WordPress platform.

Theme /Layout Replacing
Temeplates or Themes are simple the face of every dynamic website (wordpress ,joomla etc). User has possibility to simple switch to another template for any reason. Even they are usually very flexible and easy to switch some pieces of content can always make some issue on the end. On that point we can support you and fix issue or even make custom template for you theme or even complete new theme based on your demand.

CSS Style Updates
CSS style are simple the best way to make better looking website. We offer CSS 3 solutions on final style on your website. Also offer the solution for non-responsive web pages to become the responsive all with in CSS style.

HTML structure
HTML code is basic structure for building any web page. We can offer you only final HTML 4.0 and HTML 5 solution for building or updating existing web pages.

Javascript / jQuery
Javascript is also based on styling of your web pages but with it we can do many things like the behavior of some element on web page. Usually we use JQuery for any javascript related task.

Webshops – Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Storefront…
In any of webshops we can help you with installing templates and extensions also the styling, integration with various payment processors and similar tasks.

New Product Uploads
Adding new products on your webshop pages can be very tricky as you know. We can help you with variation,shipping rates, min-max quantity etc. Also we offer full support for scheduled task like making daily, weekly, monthly deals or any other kind of ongoing maintenance for your webshop.

Logo & Branding
Supporting custom logo and banner design based on your requirements.

Landing Pages Design
Landing page design of any type of it.

Plugin Installation
Various extensions (plugins) installation and customization no matter which type of CMS platform your website use.

Contact Form Integration
Contact us pages are one of most important part of any business. We offer contact form creating and integration in any website page.

Subscribe Forms
Like the contact form and subscribe form are also important part of online business too. We offering various subscribe form creating and customizing.

HTML to WordPress
We transfer your static HTML site to dynamic WordPress platform.

And Much More Web Related Tasks…
For any other website related task don’t hesitate to contact us for pricing quotes via our Contact form.

Please Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us For Any Website Related Task!