What Virtual Assistant Is?

   Virtual Assistant is your righ hand. VA will do everything (related to your online business) that you don’t have time or skills for. Beside web administration (creating documents, reseaching, data mining etc.) we also do the bunch of other stuff related to your business website like: styling pages, implementing forms, creating logos & banners etc. More info about our services you can find HERE.

How VA Can Help My Business?

   Virtual assistant can help you in many ways from adding products and services you offer, sending emails to your clients, researching market and collecting data to creating styling and optimizing pages of your website. In few words, we are saving your valuable time. Headache free!

Do You Offer Other Web Related Services Like Web Design?

   Yes, we offer all other services related to web like: Web design, styling on existing website, transition from old static HTML to dynamic website (WordPress), contact form integration (also with various email market forwarders) …

Do I Really Need A Website For My Small Business?

   All time question, yes you need a website in these modern times of high tech if you want to run a succesful business. At least you need a few web pages where you customers can quickly contact you, check you working time and location where to find you. You don’t need nothing fancy (if you don’t wont), but simple funcional website. It can’t be an excess.

I Have Limited Budget, Can I Still Hire You?

   Yes of course, you can. Please be free to contact us for any task you need to be done within your budget. We are sure we can handle your request and help you with it.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

   Well, it depend from two basic factors – time and complexity of tasks. Simple tasks like copy/paste, retyping of documents or similar types of tasks have low pricing tag. For more complex task like custom coding of website as may be expected the price tag is higher.

When I Should Pay For Your Services?

   We have two models for paying our services; For small task jobs (couple working hours) its upfront. For bigger jobs 50% in advance then 50% after completing the job. For companies /corporations we can adapt custom model of paying for our services.