Our Mission

Assist4web is a small web design and virtual assisting company located in Croatia (Europe), with a mission to help their clients to achieve their goals and move their business to the next level. Our creative web designers are ready to make your online shopwindow (your website) look amazing, professional and attractive for your clients and customers when they come to visit you. With our creativity and ideas and your wishes and requests, we can do the magic.

At the other side, if you feel overwhelmed or just searching for some help in your business day, I will work with you as your  VA (virtual assistant). Release any task you may have to me, and save your time for other activities. After a hundred of finished projects, hundreds of different tasks and resolved business doubts, I would like to hear your voice.

Take yourself a coffee, sit in your comfortable chair and chat or talk with us.


Our Services

Assist4web is a place where you can resolve all your online business problems. We offer wide range of services including web design, virtual assisting, social management and SEO.

We listen our clients, their wishes, problems, requests. Based on your requests we like to give suggestions, free consultations, we even make tutorial videos showing you how to continue with it in the future.

List of our services you can see HERE.


Our Location

We are located in Croatia (EU), in the beautiful city named Vukovar. Vukovar is a town situated along the banks of two rivers, the Danube and the Vuka.  It’s a port for beautiful European river cruise. We are well known by “Borovo” (a manufacturer of footwear), wine, tasty food, good fun and much more.

If  you get a chance, you should visit us one day.


About Me

Welcome to my virtual office, in my whole new world.

I’m Zorana, for friends Zoka, Assist4web business owner. I’m glad that you are interested in reading a little about me. I’m very passionate about my job, I really enjoy working with you lovely people. As a teenager, I loved to draw, write and to fulfill different kinds of papers for my family and neighbors. They often loved to come and I really enjoyed in helping them.

Over past years I worked a lot on myself, every free hour I spent on learning and improving my skills, so I can offer best services to my clients.

Few year ago, my husband and I, we started our own business, our new life journey. We wanted to offer full online services to our clients and 100% of our working time to to work with them on their online businesses. My husband as a web developer ,me as a virtual assistant and web designer and few other amazing people, we make an amazing team!

Sometimes our 6 years old son come to help us by asking “Are you finished, I want to watch cartoons now?”, but that is another story.


So if you want to work with this small, let’s say family team, jump on the train!

All friendly, passionate people, small and big companies are welcome to work with us! So let’s start…


Contact us.