I’m glad you’re reading more about me…

What to say about me and my business company and not start with: “With 10 years of experience in online work…..” :).

Want to know more about me!?

Sure you do! These days is hard to find and hire someone who you don’t know, someone who writes all the best about yourself, right!?

Ok, let me share some details about myself…

I’m Zorana, for friends Zoka, the founder of the Assist4web, located in Croatia, EU. Don’t let you my location scare you…I work worlwide 🙂

I like the Steve Jobs inspo “It’s not in technology, it’s faith in people”.

I’m full time wife, mother and business women. My family and lovely people is what inspires me to work harder and harder.

Why I love this job? There is so many reasons….connecting with people, doing a wide range of tasks, helping people to finish all tasks they charted.

What is most important for me in the business? It’s 100% satisfied clients, clients that respect me as I respect them and friendly relationship.

Let me be your time saver!!!


Zorana Grozdanic

Gospodarska zona 15, Vukovar EU

Skype: Assist4web

How Assist4web can help your business!?

I like to help people who don’t have much experience needed to run online business or simple doesn’t have enough time to do it by yourself. I like to help them grow…how? While I do online task instead of you… like adding products in web stores, creating documents, retyping documentations, manage social accounts… you only need to focus on getting new clients!

I also like to work with other companies. They outsource their tasks to me.

I like to work with any of you, with experience and without it, with ordinary people and also with the companies; on small and big projects, on site and out site tasks… My mission is simple to help you grow…

If you want to try my service, if you want to make your online business better, then don’t hesticate to Contact me!


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